Chair of the Month: The Butterfly Chair by Ercol

Since all the kids have gone back to school and the streets are once again quiet, it got me to thinking about what would be the perfect school chair, I think it would be the Butterfly chair by Ercol!

Sculpted back and seat, upright yet comfortable, wooden and cool (no sweaty plastic thank you!), yep I believe it would be spot on…

Ercol have been making the Butterfly chair since 1958. It was designed by Ercol‘s founder¬†Lucian Ercolani in 1956 and was a revolutionary design in it’s time due to the seat and back’s curved shape, thanks to Ercolani‘s perfected technique of steam bending. He also ¬†steamed the Elm used for the legs to stop them from warping which allowed for the lovely contrast of different woods.

The Butterfly Chair was deemed a design classic but sadly did not sell very well and went out of production in the 1980’s. Margaret Howell asked Ercol to reproduce it in 2010 for her stores and slowly the chair’s sales started to sky rocket.



  1. Ercol Furniture Ltd,

    Thank you for this lovely article. Your timing is spot on as well. We’re busy at the moment making over 2,000 chairs for October for the rebuild of Holland Park School. We commissioned Russell Pinch for this, to design a modern chair drawing on our long heritage of making windsor chairs. Our first installation of this chair though was in a new restaurant build at the Tower of London – the Perkin Reveller. If you’d like some images let me know.

    Thanks, Mark.
    Ercol Furniture Ltd.

  2. gallantandjones,

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for your comment, how funny that you are actually in production right now making school chairs!
    I would absolutely love to see those pics…
    Please email them to me info[at]

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