Eco-friendly fashion has a new girl in town: Nina Skarra

Nina Skarra debuted her “green” fashion line earlier this month at New York Fashion Week. Her collection has been called “flawless” by The Examiner and with a browse through her look book, it’s easy to see why.

Nina is dedicated to developing sustainable design through her collection. Each fabric chosen is 100% biodegradable as well as 100% eco-friendly. You’ll find silk, bamboo, soya, eco-leather among her feminine dresses and luxurious knits.

“The sustainable change in fabrics and fashion is irreversible, but I wish for it to happen faster. My vision is to drive this change, not to follow it! I have created a brand needed to set the trend in true motion and I have the fabrics to back up my promise to all my devoted customers,” says Skarra on her website.

I think it’s fantastic to see designers remain committed to creating style while also refusing to compromise sustainability. Nina Skarra is among those and having delivered her line to a packed house at Fashion Week, it seems her choices have made her a popular name in the fashion world this year.


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