Inspiration: Ana Botezatu

Ana Botezatu is a Romanian based artist and illustrator. I found the super cute print above, here and added it to my Pinterest pattern, textiles and textiles arts board and then went to find out more…

I saw some of her illustrations (I love these white bear ones above) and found them very imaginative and pretty.

So full of life and spirit. And then she does this kinda work too:

Love it, it turns out she has a very broad artistic range… And then I saw her cute robot embroideries and,well, I was sold! I mean, it’s hand embroidery, no two are ever the same… Wouldn’t you just love these on your pillow cases??

I think she may be a bit of a kook (read eccentric and fantastic NOT insane). This is what I like about her and her work. Her imagination truly is fantastic, don’t you think??

What do you reckon?

Have a lovely week.