Textiles Inspiration: Tamasyn Gambell

Tamasyn Gambell for Førest London

Tamasyn Gambell, is a talented printed textile designer with a big green heart. After studying at The Chelsea School of Art and at the Royal College, then designing for both high street and high end fashion labels, Tamasyn became disenchanted by all the waste and lack of innovation in todays textile industry and decided to set up her own business in London producing beautiful prints, like the above geometric pattern with a retro feel, as eco-logically as possible.

I was looking at her designs one day when at exactly the same time Tamra emailed me to say have you seen this girls work? Well, great minds and all that… I think Tamasyn made a really great impression on the design world at Tent London part of The London Design Festival this year in London. She is the Textiles brains behind a couple of great collaborations with Førest London and Ercol. The design world is looking for talented environmentally friendly textile designers, and lets face it, the textiles industry has not been kind on the planet so this is just ace to see. And by the way… it’s also cool to see applications like these to help designers work out their impact on the planet before they even start producing their fabrics.

Ercol chairs with fabric designed by Tamasyn Gambell

Førest London chairs with fabric designed by Tamasyn Gambell

It’s funny to learn that we kinda grew up the same: our mothers banned Coca Cola, McDonalds (sorry mam, I’ve been known to break this one very occasionally) and the CND marches (especially after the Chernobyl rains in the UK). This all instilled a respect for the planet and later harnessed a curiosity in how to design ecologically and responsibly with as little negative impact as possible. And this is the core of her business model: “strive to produce luxurious considered designs whilst upholding a responsibility to work in the most environmentally and socially responsible methods available”. And boy does she do a good job.

I just love all Tamasyn’s notebooks, maybe then I would sketch more??? (You can buy most of these items directly from her website.)

Whatya think? Well I want to be be her. Makes me realise how much I miss the physical act of hand screen printing which Tamasyn still enjoys as part of her busy, yet no doubt fulfilling working life.

Have a great week! And hope you Canadians enjoyed Thanksgiving, Tamra and I sure did…ouch…