iPhone 5 Environmentally Friendly Cases

While I am still an iPhone 4S user, I have already frequented the Apple Store to “ooo” and “aww” at the new iPhone 5 and let’s face it: It’s only a matter of time. Today I’m bringing you a round-up of fabulous iPhone 5 cases that are both environmentally friendly in their construction and as stylish as ever in their design. Because in this Apple-run world, it’s only a matter of time until you are looking for one yourself.

Twig Case, $59-$69.  This case bares a clean, modern look with a color neutral palate that makes it an ideal choice for men or women. Additionally, this Minnesota-made, fully-sustainable case is fully backed by the Forest Stewardship Council, as well as the Rainforest Alliance.  Photo from here.

Felt iPhone Sleeve, $30. For those who are not a fan of the case and are instead looking for a sleeve to protect their beloved Siri, consider this felt iPhone sleeve from Ragz NL. Its high-density 3mm European wool is water and dirt repellant and the leather will age beautifully with use. If that’s not enough to convince you, this sleeve fits not only your phone but also business or bank cards within  its natural-dyed leather pouch. Photo from here.

Elago S5 Flex Case, $29.99. You can’t beat the price of this cover, and it’s range of colors assures that there is one that will appeal to you. The flex case has been specially coated in order to reduce the amount of dirt and oil residue as well as scratches, thus providing you with a long and loyal service. These cases are produced in a Korean facility that uses toxic-free chemicals in the plastic. Photo from here.

Are you the owner of an iPhone 5? What kind of case are you using?