Finding Inspiration at Gallant and Jones

Here at Gallant and Jones central we are extremly busy working on new products and thought we would share what we are up to and our inspirations with you.

New for this Winter we will be launching a range of blankets. We often get inquiries as lots of our customers like to sit on their decks throughout the year and want a perfect warm companion for their chairs. We have sourced an amazing range of soft, warm and lightweight 100% virgin woolblankets woven in Mexico. They are made with un-dyed, untreated natural virgin wool, the hand-processing of the wool and the variations of natural tones in the wool adds to the beautiful texture of these blankets.We are also working on our own design with them and hope to get them delivered in February of 2013, this design is based on a geometric pattern I designed for Gallant and Jones that I can re-work into lots of patterns and products. We decided that cream, taupe and charcoal greys would be great combinations with all the colourful fabrics we stock. If you are interested in these email or call us as we are taking pre-orders, they will be on sale on the 1st November.

Soon I will be working with a BC weaver to create a new hand woven stripe. Can’t wait for this. We have chosen our palette already: navy, cream, pinkish red and teal. This fabric will have some lovely textures and patterns running through it. We are so pleased to be able to work with artisans like this and create unique fabrics. We have had lots of support from the stores that carry our products with our hand woven fabrics. Did you see them¬†this Summer at Terrain¬†(do you like the lovely lifestyle pic above)?

On Friday I received the 2 prints I designed for our Spring collection (see above). I am dropping them off with our sewers this am and we will be taking pics this Winter in time for a Spring release. We wanted to do something fresh and floral yet modern. I had a lovely photograph of the cherry blossoms in my garden that I overpainted and added pencil marks to, I then scanned it and deleted areas and mirrored the final piece to create a very pretty yet unexpected pattern. We were thinking of making this pattern into bags too, what do you think?

Well, this is what we are up to at the moment. Loads more new items to come soon and we will share them here :)

Have a great week.



  1. Becca,

    Lovely prints Gwyn, can’t wait to see them on your deck chairs!

  2. sarah Craig,

    I absolutely adore these fabrics..i have a similar one on my sofa.LOVE THE COLOURS x luxurious and so cozy

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