Cabin Fever

When Andrew Kelly was looking for a backyard office, he found himself stuck with a limited array of options.

“I couldn’t find what I was looking for,” explains Kelly. “The more I looked, the more I saw that there were opportunities to create a better product and a better way of doing business. I jumped right in and haven’t looked back.”

And with that, Cabin Fever was born, a company that designs and manufactures prefab cabin structures for customers. Constructed from wood and recycled steel, cabin models range from 120 square feet one-room cabins, to 800 square foot 2-bedroom homes.

“We are eco-considerate when choosing our materials, our methods, and when designing to meet specific client needs,” explains CabinFever.  The company is dedicated to striking “a perfect balance between green building and budget.” Cabin Fever has reached out to Ikea to help create compact yet usable kitchen spaces for cabin layouts that feature a kitchen.

Kelly walked San Jose Mercury News through his warehouse recently, where cabins are pre-made and sent to clients on location. “This is a rectangular box and, without any details, it’s kind of boring,” Kelly said. “But put in the curved roof and exposed beams, and with one gesture you can make an iconic structure.”

An office, guest house, or just a spare room, the possibilities are many for utilizing a Cabin Fever cabin! Would you enjoy having one of their cabin models? What would you use it for?


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