Textiles Inspiration: Tetiana Kartasheva

Tetiana Kartasheva is an illustrator and textile designer. She is new to pattern design, but as you can see she is definitely a natural talent and is excited to progress in this field.

Tetiana Kartasheva lives in Kiev in the Ukraine, she tells me that she finds enormous inspiration and energy in her native culture which fuels her imagination and work.

I love these pencil and ink drawings. They would be such a lovely simple pattern in black/grey on a plain but colourful ground. What do you think??

Doesn’t the painted pattern above remind you of William Morris?

All Tetiana Kartasheva‘s work starts with beautiful pencil drawings, she then either paints them or painstakingly puts them into Photoshop and vectors each minute detail and line (a very time consuming process, let me tell thee) see above for examples.

“I love it when I am surrounded with beautiful things, textures, patterns, that’s why I’ve started working with pattern design”.

“It’s cool when people wear dresses or have a wallpaper with your creation. I have a little dream to own a dress with my pattern—I think it’s possible…Dreams can come true!”

I’m sure they will Tetiana Kartasheva! Thank’s for your comments and good luck…

You can find Tetiana Kartasheva‘s work on Behance.

Have a wonderful week Textiles fans!



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