Hurricane Sandy Designer Products to Help Raise Relief Funds

Our hearts are with those who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy in New England and surrounding areas. Here, you’ll find a collection of goods being sold to benefit those impacted by the storm. And it just so happens to be some pretty cool stuff.

Hurricane Sandy

Artist Sebastian Errazuriz’s New York studio stood still after Hurricane Sandy ripped through the city. Even then, Errazuriz got to work.

“Unable to work and tired of watching the horrible disaster fold on the news, Errazuriz decided to design something to help raise much-needed relief funds.”

Errazuriz was inspired after seeing the water line left behind on flooded gallery walls in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. Both t-shirt designs, available at Grey Area, resemble the sight being seen throughout Manhattan and other east coast areas.

Designer Joan Hornig is no stranger to philanthropy. Hornig consistently gives 100% of profits earned through her jewelry sales to charities. She quickly created the Build Up The Giving necklace and following suit, will give profits to the hurricane relief organization of your choice.

Storm Support has set up shop as a central hub for merchandise available with profits going to Sandy victims. “It quickly became clear to us the only thing that mirrored the need for support was the desire to provide it,” reads the Storm Support website. T-shirts and reusable bags are currently listed on the site and worth checking out.

Photos from Grey Area, Joan Hornig, and Storm Support.

Amy (our writer in NY)