Gift Guide For Him

Next up on your shopping list: the men. We have you covered. And really, I’m a little bit obsessed with each product on this gift guide, so you may want to consider these for guy or girl when it comes to gifting this holiday season.

The Learning Thermostat, $249: This thermostat leads to a list of “No More’s.” No more squinting your eyes trying to read the numbers on the thermostat. No more adjusting multiple times a day, every day. And no more high utility bills. The Learning Thermostat automatically remembers what temperatures you like and when you like them and will adjust itself accordingly to keep you comfortable while also keeping utility dollars in your pocket.

iPad Mini, $329: You can’t go wrong with the iPad mini this holiday season. Enough said. While you’re at it, pick me one up in white.

Electric Bike, $1799.99: Give your man the satisfaction of waving goodbye to gas stations as he cruises by on this 100% eco-friendly e-bike from Brookstone. Equipped with a Lithium Ion battery, this bike only needs to be plugged in for a charge now and again in order to ride.

Wood Bow Tie, $34.99: For the man who has everything. This bow tie has been crafted from reclaimed wood with a steel knot. Its adjustable neckband ensures it will fit anyone on your shopping list (and yes, women can pull this off too).

On The Rocks Set, $34: The term “On The Rocks” just took on a whole new meaning. Collected on the New England coast, these granite stones are even better for your drinks than ice cubes since rocks don’t melt and dilute the flavor. Chill the rocks before serving and you’re good to go. Match this set with his favorite scotch and you have yourself a perfect holiday gift for the man in your life.


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