New Products Available at Gallant & Jones

The blankets are now up on our website and are a very welcomed addition to the Gallant & Jones product family


Gallant and Jones is unveiling five new luxurious blankets made out soft, warm and lightweight 100% virgin wool. These super chic blankets are produced and loomed in Central Mexico using the highest quality softest wool. Local sheep herders sell their wool to the artisans and the wool is then hand cleaned and processed. After each blanket is loomed they hand cut each blanket and hand twist the ends. These blankets are made with un-dyed, un-treated natural virgin wool which comes in soft hues mixed of cream, grey and light taupe. We chose these blankets to go with our deck chair fabrics, so you can sit in a chair no matter the weather and enjoy a great recline in comfort and warmth…


Also, don’t forget we have lovely Gift Vouchers available in denominations of $25, $50 and $100. Great gifts for someone who wants to own a Gallant & Jones product but you are just not sure which one :)

We will be giving one away next week, so look out for that.

Congrats to all the customers who took advantage of the sale this last weekend. What a bargain!


Gwyn & Tamra

p.s. all pics by the wonderful Janis Nicolay xx


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