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We came across Lucky14 Handmade knitted accessories when we were wandering through IDS West a couple of weeks ago. Gwyn and I were immediately drawn to the natural beauty of her products and upon touching them, couldn’t believe how soft and beautifully well-made they were! We’re so happy that Beatriz agreed to be part of our Handmade and Hot series so we can could learn more about her and her Lucky14 Handmade products….

Who are you and where is your workshop/store/studio?

My name is Beatriz Rempel. I work from my home in Burnaby, BC.
I currently sell online (www.lucky14handmade.ca) and at two really great local boutiques her in Vancouver – LYNNsteven and Lut Boutique.

What is your studio like?

Well, I don’t really have a studio. I have a living room and an office. I work on my couch. I keep my yarn in my office. I don’t need a lot of space to knit so this works well for me.

Lucky14 is a great name! How did you come up with it?

Naming my company was really hard. I wanted a name that meant something to me but wasn’t super cheesy. And I didn’t want it to be specifically related to knitting…so that I could potentially use it for other endeavors in the future.

I’m not a superstitious person at all. But I did notice the number 14 seemed to pop up a lot. My husband and I got married on August 14. After months and months of searching, we bought our first house…on 14th avenue. We actually saw the house for the first time on the 14th. And then took possession exactly one month later…on the 14th. When I go to a deli and am given a number, it’s 14.
So…lucky14 handmade.

Some of your creations are named after places that have special meaning to you. Can you tell us about your most memorable spot and how it inspired that item?

I’m so incredibly lucky to live where I do. One of BC’s tourism mottos is: the best place on earth. And I agree.

So when I started working on the fw2012 collection, I knew I wanted it to reflect the natural beauty of BC, and the Gulf Islands in particular. The textures I used, including the chevron pattern I designed, represent the mountains, ripples of the ocean waves, stacks of split firewood. The pieces in this collection are all named after weather terms, emphasizing the effect weather has on our natural surroundings. I think that the combination evokes images and feelings of a true west coast winter. I hope anyway!

Why do you hand make your products? What do you get out of it?

Yarn is such a tactile medium. You just have to touch it.
I have always made things with my hands. I get that from my mom. It’s hard to describe the feeling of accomplishment you get when you see the end result of something you created. There are always imperfections in anything handmade, and that’s what makes it special and unique.

How long does it take to make your pieces?

That really varies. Depending on the size, the yarn, the size of the needles…anywhere from 2 hrs (windsor) to 9hrs (nor’easter).

What new products do you have in mind for 2013?

I’ve been thinking about experimenting with cashmere.

I’m not sure yet. Luckily, I’m just trying to keep up with demand for fw2012!

How would you like your collection to grow? And where else would you like to see it sold?

I’m not sure if I want the collection to grow. I feel like I might have too many options. I’m thinking about editing the collection down to feel a bit more curated.

I’d love to see my pieces sold in boutiques in New York and London as well.

What is the best thing about what you do?

There are so many great things about what I do. I get to work at home, on my couch, with my cat. I get to be creative. I get to be my own boss. I’m a real home-body. And I like to be cozy. Fall is my favourite time of year. So getting to be cozy on my couch with the fireplace going and a project on my needles is just about as good as it gets.

Thanks Beatriz for letting us know a bit more about yourself and the inspiration behind your beautiful products. Definitely on my Christmas wish list!

Tamra and Gwyn

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