Childrens Gift Guide

croc_pile_by Poketo

Childrens Gift Guide: The final part of our three part series gift guide could be the most fun. It’s time to shop for the kiddos on your list. So let’s get to it!

Poketo Croc Pile, $35. Made from beach wood and natural tung oil, these blocks are reminiscent of a day before video games and iPod apps. It takes three weeks for shipping so hop to it!


Carbon Offset Chet-Eco-Friendly Play Doll, $25. 
Abes Market crafts each of their dolls from 100% certified organic cotton. The dolls are then filled with post-consumer recycled PET bottle stuffing. You can pick up Carbon Offset Chet, Pani Rani or any other of their enthusiastic dolls.

Felt Alphabet Book

Fabric Alphabet Book, $48.
 For your little ones who are starting to master the alphabet, pick up this beautiful Fabric Alphabet Book from Pilosale. The book’s cover is 100% linen lined with organic cotton with letters embroidered with brown thread. Best of all, the book is washable.

baby mittens

Zutano Mittens On A String, from $13It’s one of those basic truths for raising a child: Buy a pair of mittens and one will go missing by the end of the day. Or it was one of those basic truths because Zutano has eliminated the possibility with their line of mittens on a string. These mittens are available in a variety of patterns and colors and significantly reduce the amount of money you’ll spend replacing the lone mitten during these cold months.


Gallant and Jones Blanket, $95. Gallant & Jones is so excited to debut our new selection of lambswool blankets. We have a variety of patterns available in gender neutral colors, making this an ideal gift for kids, parents, teenagers or anyone else on your list.


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