Handmade Ornaments


The best Christmas trees have a touch or two of handmade ornaments. Luckily you don’t have to think too hard for ideas on how to incorporate handmade ornaments into your holiday décor. Here, we’ve gathered both “Do It Yourself” options as well as ornaments that are ready to buy.

D-I-Y Felt Ball Garland: The colors on this garland seem particularly youthful and fun, no? You can whip this garland up on your home at little cost. All you need is a free hour or two, a bag of felt balls and some embroidery floss.


Handblown Glass Holiday Ornament, $24: This ornament by Jessie Chesbrough is one you’ll want to pass on through the generations. It has been crafted from molten glass and blown thick for durability. Inside is snow that your little ones can shake lightly to bring the fallen snow in doors.


Vintage InspiredChristmas Star Garland/Banner, $4.85: Hang this garland from your mantel or wrap it around your tree for a classy touch! Each star is made from patterned paper and hangs from red and white baker’s twine.


D-I-Y Painted Ornaments: Jordan Ferney is quite possible the queen of the D-I-Y world so why look elsewhere for help creating your own holiday ornaments? On her blog Oh Happy Day, she shows how you can create these festive paper mache ornaments yourself.


Gold Christmas Tree Topper, $45: This modern star is a unique spin on the typical star on top of the tree. Inspired by the Polish porcupine ball, this handmade star is created with premium paper in gold, white and red. The creator only makes a handful each year so pick out yours today!


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