Chair of the Month: Tom Dixon Wingback

Tom Dixons Wingback


So in choosing this “Chair of the Month” I pondered the question, now what would Santa like? This is an important consideration and one that I think good stores like the Bloomingdales and Holt Renfrew’s of the world should all be thinking about before they get their Santa’s jammed up in them Grottos for hours on end…

I decided to enlist the help of a 5 year old, so my criteria became:

1.It has to be tall (apparently all Santas are tall)

2.It has to be solid (for all those mince pies and egg nog binges)

3.There needs to be a privacy feature so the kiddies can whisper their Christmas list

4. It has to be green (not red or you wont be able to see his body) or white

5.There has to be somewhere to rest Santa’s feet after all the running around he has to do (!)


Armed with this 5 year old inteligencia, I did some interweb searching and Tom Dixon’s Wingback jumped off the page. Look at those wings, so perfect to hide behind and whisper wishes. OK, so it’s not in the right colour, but imagine it in a flat velvet moss green. Or maybe a lovely off white?


Tom Dixon designed this wingback inspired by the 18th Century British Gentleman’s Chair. The whole piece is traditionally manufactured with a birch frame stuffed with cotton and boar bristles.

Wingbacks were originally designed to protect the sitter from draughts and to keep the heat from the fire, so most were positioned close to the hearth.

Don’t you love a good Wingback?