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When Andrea approached us to feature her business Andrea Lee Collections on Handmade and Hot, we jumped at the chance to feature her beautiful collection of blankets, scarves and pillow covers. Their blankets are traditionally crocheted yet have modern colours and designs. They are simply gorgeous!

Interested in winning one for Valentine’s Day? Andrea & Shirley are giving away one of their signature Circles of Colour blankets worth over ¬£100. To enter, follow this link.

white crochet handmade blanket

Who are you?

Andrea & Shirley – a mother & daughter team. I (Andrea) had a career as a pilot in aviation for many years. This is a complete change for me and one that feels great! Shirley has been retired for a few years now, but has yet to slow down! We live many miles apart, one in Canada and one in Portugal.

Where is your workshop/store/studio?

Our newly created online boutique store was launched in August 2012.

What is your studio like?

We currently work from home. We are each fortunate to have workspace within our homes that we dedicate soley to our creations.

I live in the country so you will find a lot of influences within our design that indicates country home style. I love photographing our items in my orchard with the blossoms or fruit on the trees.

Colourful crochet blanket hand made

Can you tell us when and why you started Andrea Lee Collections?

We believe people are looking to put colour in their lives and so we created our signature collection…Circles of colour. We also feel that there is a tendency for people to lead hectic, over processed lifestyles these days. So by creating items that are made with care and attention- each one unique- we can bring back some authenticity and value into the little things we use each day.

Your designs are so bright and beautiful- where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspiration for me comes from travel, architecture of the old world and the vibrancy of the land and people. Nature is a huge source of colour- nothing clashes in nature!

How long have you been crocheting for?

Shirley crochets and I decide on the design for our products. She developed her love of colour and design as a child creating crochet, knitted and sewn clothes for her dolls.

Colourful crochet cushion

Why do you hand make your products? What do you get out of it?

I feel that by creating products by hand, we introduce a higher level of appreciation for these items we then use each day (blankets, pillows etc). We have reached such a fast paced living standard, that we can now label the opposite – The Slow Movement. Creating each item by hand introduces this Slow Movement philosophy. The story behind each product increases its sentimental value.

Do you have any new products in mind for 2013?

This year we will be introducing a collection that has been influenced by the antique tiles of Portugal and Spain. I will be designing fabric within this theme and we will continue to focus on soft home furnishings.

crochet blankets for babies

How would you like your collection to grow? And where else would you like to see it sold?

At this time, we are looking for boutique/gift shops to carry our products. We have beautiful crib/stroller blankets of high quality that would appeal to new Moms.

What is the best thing about what you do?

The enthusiasm and energy we have found together for expanding our products, definitely keeps us motivated to create! Moulding a new creative idea into a beautiful product, followed by the appreciation our customers share with us – is the ultimate reward.

Thanks so much Andrea & Shirley. We can’t wait to see your new collection inspired by the antique tiles of Portugal and Spain.

I’m sure they will be stunning!
Tamra and Gwyn

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  1. Sandra,

    Such a beautiful philosophy behind equally lovely creations. What better place to start slowing down our lives than in our home with lovingly created furnishings. Fab!