Smiles For the People

Smiles for the People Brush

When I threw away yet another toothbrush last week, I wondered how many landfills are brimming with our discarded dental hygiene products? So today we wanted to introduce you to a new and environmentally responsible toothbrush with a generous heart…

The Smiles for the People toothbrush has a 100% biodegradable bamboo handle and soft bristles to make your mouth clean and your dentist happy! But that’s not all, buy one and the equivalent is donated to a person in need!

Joe Brennan-Founder

Smiles For the People

Was founded in 2013 by Joe Brennan, a young entrepreneur with a big plan. Joe hopes that through his buy one donate one toothbrush business he will be giving everyone the opportunity to have access to quality, affordable dental care.

” We believe that consumers can turn their everyday purchases into small acts of generosity; by purchasing a simple, beautiful, environmentally responsible toothbrush, YOU can help change a life.” says Brennan.

Another thing Brennan mentions that I found poignant is the importance of the smile and how people who lack the ability to smile can often be plagued by feelings of insecurity, poor self-image and sometimes feelings of physical or emotional pain.

“Our name,” Brennan says, “is a rallying cry and a call to action. It demands that each of us stand up and fight for the right of all people to smile- regardless of whether they can afford a dentist or a toothbrush.”

Brennan believes that helping maintain a persons smile can help make the world a more positive and happy place.

I must say I agree, a little smile goes a long way. Funny how a strangers smile can brighten the gloomiest of days…

4 Brushes 2

Here are some other things Smiles for the People do to be eco-responsible:

Every shipment they make is carbon neutral and supports the development of renewable energy. 

Their website is powered by wind!

Each toothbrushes is biodegradable and doesn’t use harmful chemicals. 

They only work with suppliers who pay their employees enough to afford food, education, shelter, and healthcare. 

The box is made of recyclable paper and has limited packaging.


Join their movement and purchase a bamboo toothbrush today and they will donate the equivalent to a smile in need. The website launches today! You can buy yours here.

Good luck guys!

Are you a small company with a big vision? Drop us a line, we  love helping to spread the word.

Gwyn :)


  1. Gwyneth,

    I recently got one of these in the post and it works great. Mostly I will love the feeling when I have to throw it out, no more plastic toothbrushes for me!