Handmade and Hot: Bright and Colourful Jewelry by The glossy Queen

jewelry by The Glossy Queen


This week’s Handmade and Hot interview is with Jennifer Elizabeth from The Glossy Queen. Her handmade jewelry is striking and her use of fun, bold, bright colours is so uplifting and perfectly fit for Spring! We love her style and her outlook on life, so we asked her about her collection and what it means to her to be a creator.


jewelry by The Glossy Queen


Who are you and where is your workshop/store/studio? What is your studio like?


Namaste! I am Jennifer Elizabeth, an unconventional, conscious, color-obsessed, creator of bright & bold handmade jewelry. I work out of my home studio in beautiful Long Beach, CA. I wish I could tell you my studio is picture perfect, but it’s far from it! I moved about 6 months ago and the room that houses my home studio is still waiting to be put together. So, my studio is a work in progress!




jewelry by The Glossy Queen


When and why did you decide to start The Glossy Queen?


Technically I started TGQ in 2009. The Glossy Queen started as a line of one-of-a-kind handbags I made out of my vast collection of fashion magazines. I just couldn’t bare to throw any of my cherished ‘zines away but my collection was getting too ridiculous so I decided to upcycle them into something useful. After doing bags I took a creative hiatus. After about a year my idle hands were anxious to be put to use and in 2011 I started designing jewelry. It all happened very organically.


jewelry by The Glossy Queen


Your pieces are so fun and colourful. What inspires you to create them?


Thank you! Basically I just LOVE color! I love the way the same color looks different next to other colors. I love the joy that color brings…it’s like an instant mood lifter. I love the personality of every individual color. I’m pretty much inspired by everything I see…from the colors of the sunset to the graphic print of a poster. Everything my eyes lock onto gets filed away and I pull it out of my memory bank when necessary.


jewelry by The Glossy Queen


Why do you hand make your products? What do you get out of it?


Being a maker of handmade goods is so fulfilling! There’s nothing like knowing an abstract idea that once lived in the ether is being transformed into a 3 dimensional piece of art…by your own hands! It really is a powerful process. I also love knowing that each piece is made with the love and care I intend for it to be made with.


jewelry by The Glossy Queen


What new products do you have in mind for 2013?


Well, before I was a jewelry designer or a handbag designer I designed clothes…womenswear. My last womenswear collection was created in late 2008 and while I have no intentions of doing a full blown collection in 2013 I’d love to add a few standout pieces to coordinate with the jewelry. I have a bunch of ideas floating around in my head so stay tuned to see what makes the final cut!


jewelry by The Glossy Queen



How would you like your collection to grow? And where else would you like to see it sold?


For me it’s about ease & flow, with everything in my life. I’m all for TGQ expanding but I want it to expand in a manageable and pleasurable fashion. I think sometimes we can be so goal oriented that the joy of creating gets lost in the strain of accomplishing – at least that’s what happened when I was designing clothes. I’m not looking to repeat that process again.


Etsy has really been a great resource for me. I’ve gotten tons of exposure which has lead to wholesale orders from boutiques across the United States and even internationally. Looking forward I’d love to transform theglossyqueen.com into an e-commerce focused site which also provides inspiration for your style and your spirit.



jewelry by The Glossy Queen

What is the best thing about what you do?


The best thing about what I do is being a creator. Making something out of nothing shows me just how powerful I am – how powerful we ALL are!!!


Good luck with it all Jennifer!

Tamra & Gwyn


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