Happy Camping/Glamping for the Ladies


As I count down the weeks until our second daughter is born, instead of fixating on how hectic my life is going to be and erm, the impending labour — I am imagining and looking forward to some great family adventures. One of them being camping. I’m so excited to have another girl as with 3 of us to gang up on my husband we can hopefully make the tradition more Glamping than Camping! Here is what I will be packing for our trips…

Camping Essentials for Ladies:

1. Cosy, comfy and stylish sleeping bags by Anorak: Kissing Robins Sleeping Bag.

2. I’m madly in love with this Heritage cardigan by Mexchic. And where better to enjoy it’s warmth than the great outdoors.

3. Cosy blankets are definitely high priority on our list for the cool of the evenings. These ones are the perfect size for wearing as a shawl or keeping your knees warm :)

4. How fabulous would this be? A leopard print Field Candy tent, available here.

5. Invaluable and natural beauty products that won’t make your skin sticky or gross: Zoe Organics Insect Repellent is 100% pure and does the trick in keeping pesky beasts away, since the ingredients are so pure and clean it also moisturizers the skin with zero oily residue! Coola Organics Plant UV Suncare SPF 30 – cutting edge, revolutionary technology using plant stem cells for broad spectrum coverage, sun perfection in a bottle.

6. Lovely Kupilka natural composite fiber cutlery set.

7. A pot of coffee to ease into the day decanted by this gorgeous Folklore Enamel Coffee Pot

8. Most important camping rule, take a good pillow. I like to have more than necessary and I adore these really affordable Kantha and Ikat designs.

9. Melamine plates are a definite must for camp dinners, aren’t these otomi ones divine?

10. I love this attractive leather flask from Ettinger, it has 4 cups…

11. Wouldn’t it be marvellous to have a camper like this? I found it here on photographer Jose Villa‘s blog.

12. Camping stools, yey! Tamra and I overlooked our stools at first as mere foot rests for our Deck Chairs but lots of our customers started buy them for their camping trips and then we discovered their utility on a fun camping trip a couple years ago and will never look back. All fabric slings are easily interchangeable.

13. Important to have a lightweight and functional bag handy to carry beach or swimming gear, suntan lotion, water bottle etc.

14. Food is of the utmost importance in our household so camp food must be planned and organized in detail before hand (we love to get inspired and experiment with this). Whatever you take, don’t forget the Smores and marshmallows! Loving the strawberry marshmallow idea and fancy Smores. I found lots of fabulous ideas and great camping food on the Wanna Foodie blog.

15. A little tipple of brandy for the cold nights in this please: Multi Worth Avenue needlepoint flask available at Jonathan Adler

So that’s what I got so far, but you can get some more inspiration here.

Happy camping/glamping!

xox Gwyn


  1. christine @ wannafoodie.ca,

    I just discovered this link! Thank you for sharing my blog on your beautiful site. We just went glamping again a few weeks ago… lobster paella, Spanish smores, and grilled tapas were highlights!

    1. gallantandjones, Post author

      Thanks for commenting :) Was such a pleasure to go through your great blog and will now go and check your new posts :)