Natural and Healthy Sun Care Protection


“Beauty & wellness begins from within” ~ Organic Contessa

Protection from the sun is vital and the thought of exposing our largest organ, our skin, to the glowing affects of the sun sans protection is a scary concept. Indeed we’ve all heard about the harmful damage that the sun’s power can cause for our bodies, i.e. painful skin burn, but what else happens to our skin/body’s on a deeper level? What if we could help boost our skin’s protection from the inside, out … naturally? Here’s my Inside Out Guide to Beautiful Living: Natural and Healthy Sun Care Protection, which can be your go-to resource for harnessing the power of nature to help care for your skin.

First it’s important to quickly discuss what sun damage in fact is. Sun damage is caused by UVR’s which create free radicals in our bodies, leading to cellular damage. In nature we can find foods/oils that naturally contain SPF’s and/or help increase our skin’s own ability to guard against the sun. Consuming these types of foods or applying topically can help keep us safe; our own naturally occurring amour from the sun’s rays. Reason being is that they contain powerful levels of Vitamins (A,C,E) which are great antioxidants and antioxidants neutralize free radicals. Some of these foods wear the label as ‘super-foods’ as they contain high enzymatic & anti-inflammatory properties as well.

fruit and vegetables that help sun care from the inside

Here are a few of my top epicurean picks for Sun care protection from the Inside:

Coconut Oil 

Avocado Oil

Red Raspberry Seed Oil 

Prickly Pear




Green & Black Teas




Goji Berries

Sesame Seed & Hemp Seed Oil

Foods/Oils with high antioxidant properties help prevent our skin from burning and help stabilize oxidative damage. These shouldn’t be used in place of proper sun protection while lounging poolside or at the beach, but they certainly can help you enjoy life out in the beautiful summer light much longer.


Moving from the inside to the outside – this is where we must be ultra keen & wise when it comes to shielding and repairing our skin from the sun rays. Personally I am an advocate of enjoying the sun’s lovely light and I’m not afraid to state that loud and clear. There are proven healing benefits to the sun; from encouraging healthy circulation and providing a natural source of Vitamin D, to increasing production of endorphin’s and white blood cells, to improving liver function (big bonus for keeping beautiful). But, being wise is key! Move away from chemical sunscreens at all costs; they’re unstable, penetrate the skin, and have been linked to hormone disruption. Broad-spectrum (UVA/B) mineral & plant UV sunscreens are the safest and most eco-friendly approach yet. Also, consider using skin care, pre and post exposure, which help boost SPF for added protection and assist your skin in recovering from UVR’s after your day in the sun. These are some of my “must-have” picks:

natural sun care products1

COOLA SPF 30 Plant UV – Sunscreen with Zinc only actives, plant stem cells boost SPF factor, certified organic ingredients, broad-spectrum coverage.

LBF Daily Elements Defense Oil – Major antioxidant protection, free-radical fighter, cell renewal benefits, preventative treatment from environmental damage.

Blissoma Amend Antioxidant Soothing Lotion – The best all over body treatment for after-sun care. Power-packed formula of super foods to regenerate skin and resist UV damage.

natural sun care products2

CV Skinlabs Rescue + Relief Spray – Organic ingredients help calm inflamed, over exposed skin. Instant cooling, heat removal benefits, softens and purifies skin all over.

COOLA SPF 50 Mineral Baby – Designed for the most delicate skin, 100% natural environmental shield to safe guard your little one from the sun’s harmful rays + pollutants.

Kahina Brightening Serum – Packed with antioxidants like seaweed, argan oil and green tea ( all which inherently naturally have SPF protection) this serum helps protect against environmental exposure, free radicals and supports skin’s natural defense system.

And lastly, enjoy that sun drenched skin and sexy “beach” hair a little longer – it’s been recommended not to bathe immediately before nor after time out in the sun. The human sebum has a natural SPF of 6-8 … so your body’s own oils are working hard for you as well.

The Organic Contessa enjoying strawberries

Enjoy the summer lovelies and protect that beautiful skin of yours, OC xo

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