Handmade Wooden and Willow Playhouses

Judith Needham Willow Design-Dreaming Spires Playhouse

Wooden playhouses for kids that adults will want to use 

No longer are playhouses a pile of plastic from the local big box store. We’ve rounded up a handful of innovative playhouses constructed from wood and willow. With playhouses like these, you may even want to camp out in one.

willow woven playhouse

Judith Needham Willow Design-Dreaming Spires Playhouse:

From the United Kingdom, Needham constructs these willow dens in various designs. We’re particularly fond of the Dreaming Spires Playhouse, which is striking enough that you wouldn’t mind showing it off in your garden.

“The curvy lines and arched windows give the house a fairy tale quality,” says Needham on her website about the playhouse. “Its ambiguous form transforms effortlessly from cottage to castle, wigwam to igloo.”

This playhouse and other designs from Needham are available for sale online and in storefronts in the United Kingdom and United States.

Cheeriup woven playhouse


Cheeriup Outdoor Thicket

Kelly English made her first 6-foot-tall structure to help her child play and connect to nature. It was a hit amongst her friends, so she began taking orders for similar models last fall.

“It’s a rhythmic process,” English tells The New York Times. “Kids love to come out and watch the gradual transformation.”

The outdoor thicket and other models are available through her website, Cheeriup.com.

Rattan Tunnel

Rattan Tunnel

While this tunnel was originally built for the Festival Bacanalia in Santo Domingo, we could see both kids and adults running through this curved tunnel. Designers Natalie and Jose Ortega Gamez came together with local artisans to built this model using traditional basket-weaving techniques.

Dorset Tree House 1

Dorset Tree House 2

Hooke Park Tree House

While not for sale, we had to show you this tree house constructed by students at London’s Architectural Association School. In Hooke Park in Dorset, United Kingdom, you’ll find this tree house suspended among the trees. It was created from strips of cedar and can sustain the weight of multiple adults.

We wouldn’t mind huddling up inside with one of our blankets for an afternoon!


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