Textiles Inspiration: Jung-Jung

Jung-Jung textile flowers


Today I wanted to share the delightful work of Jung-Jung, a textile artist form Japan.


Jung-Jung textile flowers2


Jung-Jung was born in 1970 and has been using needle and thread since a very early age. She has an obvious passion for Closh Lace Knitting a very difficult to master, time consuming and delicate art form.


Jung-Jung textile leaves



Jung-Jung textile vegetables


I am spell bounded by these pieces and hope you are inspired by them too?


Jung-Jung textils2



These crochet pieces are so delicate but have structure and form too.

I would like to hold them and feel their weight.


Jung-Jung textiles


You can visit Jung-Jung’s website to see more.


Have a great week!



  1. janis-pinecone camp,

    This is amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it! So beautiful.

  2. gallantandjones, Post author

    I know! Can’t get over how pretty her work is, I keep checking back to look again… xG