We Are What We Eat: Beauty Foods You May Have Never Tried, Until Now

You are what you eat!

“Beauty & wellness begins from within” ~ Organic Contessa

Women and men alike are becoming increasingly concerned about the chemicals used in skin care and the negative effects toxic ingredients can have on the body. Natural, non-toxic & nutrient rich beauty products are a necessity to help keep signs of aging at bay, to treat and nourish skin and not to mention—to help us look our best. But it doesn’t only begin and end here. Remember the old adage “We are what we eat”? What we eat and feed our bodies internally truly is the contributing factor to aging gracefully, for what we eat is directly reflected in our skin and hair quality. Feeding our bodies well Inside and Out can either affect us in a beautiful fashion or increase the aging process greatly.

The Importance of Beauty Foods

There’s a term that we are beginning to hear more often and that’s “Beauty Foods” foods that help build beauty & health from within. Eating foods rich in both minerals and enzymes are huge beauty contributors. Enzymes help to rebuild & renew skin collagen – but to become most active, require minerals to be present in the body. Proper digestion, stable gut-health, and detoxification also provides beautifying benefits and can be achieved by eating foods rich in enzymatic properties. Super Foods should be a top menu choice to assist in staying beautiful. Most are chock-full of vitamins, minerals, free-radical fighting antioxidants & age-defying phytonutrients. So indeed if we are what we eat, here are the benefits of a few beauty foods you may have never tried, until now:

beauty foods

Beets & Beet Juice:

Studies show that nitrates found in these root veggies increase oxygen in the body. Beets have been known to improve liver function (important for overall health and a big beauty bonus) stimulates cell production & repair, also helps to fight the signs of aging. They are also a high alkaline food which helps to balance the body’s pH.

Burdock Tea:

Promotes strong kidney, liver and skin function & health. Rich in chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant compound which aids in reducing oxidative stress. In Ayurveda Burdock is commonly utilized as a cleansing herb for internal body balance and known to purify blood by flushing out toxins

Reishi Mushroom:

Another important alkaline food, this prized fungus is known as the “mushroom of mortality” and studies show that they can assist in many health ailments. Reishi is also said to increase cellular turnover and to be a supreme skin hydrator.

Radish Root:

Revered in Asian cultures for centuries, this bulbous red veggie can be enjoyed from tip to end. High in Vitamin C, phosphorous and zinc they are known to purify and eliminate toxins from the blood. They are also known to posses disinfectant properties and have been linked to clearing up skin disorders like dryness and acne when eaten and/or applied topically as in a ground up paste.


High in Vitamin C (more than oranges by the way), which is a free-radical fighter. Cabbages posses many cleansing properties, it is an enzyme rich food that contains natural probiotics which are essential for a healthy gut and in that, wonderful for beauty.


Enzyme rich, fresh figs contain vitamin A, which means glowing skin. They also contain Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that can help fight the effects of aging. Touted by the Greeks as an elite aphrodisiac…and let’s be honest, sexiness is a beautiful thing!


This spice has held an age-old history in both Chinese and Indian medicine. This ancient spice boasts strong antioxidant & anti-inflammatory benefits. Turmeric is a well-known Ayurvedic spice used for medicinal remedies, in cooking and now it’s being used as an ingredient in skin care.

Manuka Honey:

High levels of antibacterial properties! Mauka honey has been known to successfully treat acne & eczema, calm bloating & digestive issues, and a plethora of other health concerns. Make sure to look for raw, 100% pure, unfiltered Manuka honey as you don’t want it stripped of its enzyme healing properties.  Manuka is an expensive product, mainly because it is a mono-floral honey (made by bees that interact with just one species of flower, derived from blooms which flower for just 2-6 weeks a year) simply stir a teaspoon into hot water or tea. It’s another ingredient that is being used in skin care.

Coconut Oil:

Often referred to as the “natural wonder” we are hearing about coconut oil and its benefits more often these days. And rightfully so. This rich oil contains triglycerides which are shown to have many health benefits, including raising the body’s metabolism, and acting as an antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial agent. As a beauty solution you can use it for everything ranging from a simple lip treatment, to massage oil, makeup remover, or in a hair mask for extra shine. Look for organic, extra virgin that has not been hydrogenated, bleached, refined or deodorized. Coconut Oil is an excellent and delicious cooking oil too!

Ayurveda, when translated from Sanskrit, means the science of life and is a traditional medical system of India that dates back almost 5,000 years. Its fundamental principals around living in balance and natural remedies are used to promote optimal health, longevity, beauty & vitality.  Not all the foods I listed above are utilized in Vedic remedies, but how fascinating to realize that the need for internal wellness and balance has been known for thousands of years…yet, in my opinion, this isn’t widely understood, accepted or practiced here in the Western world, yet! However I do feel there’s a major shift happening and awareness is building around the need for stronger internal and external health. It’s not only a beautiful notion BUT truly a beauty principal in life. Beauty and wellness does begin from within.

Next month we’ll explore even more exotic beauty foods, DIY recipes, and some of my favorite skin care picks that harness the power of Mother Nature and incorporate natural botanicals & foods into their formulations and ingredients deck.

The Organic Contessa enjoying strawberries Be well & live beautiful! Organic Contessa xo

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