Inventive Sustainable Vehicles

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These eco-friendly vehicles go above and beyond other green models on the market.

Eco-friendly vehicles have come a long way since cars like the Toyota Prius took the world by storm. Today’s sustainable vehicles not only help the environment, some are actually made of the environment, while others deliver a car made from recyclable goods right to your doorstep.

Here are two vehicles that take green to a whole new shade.

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Aston University Cardboard Race Car

Next time a large box arrives from the post office, it may just be a race car.

Aston University students won first place in the 2012 Shell Eco-Design competition last year for creating a plywood and cardboard race car that can fold flat for shipping.

Aston University Cardboard Race Car

Aston University Cardboard Race Car

The innovative design, which is hydrogen-powered, not only has a body crafted from cardboard sandwiched in between British Forestry Commission certified plywood, but its tire covers are made from bio-resin that has been infused with hessian fibres. If that’s not fancy enough, the entire structure collapses, making it easy to deliver.

Be.e Electric Scooter by Waarmakers

Be.e Electric Scooter by Waarmakers

The Dutch have further cemented their title as the kings of bikes with the creation of this bio-composite scooter.

Maarten Heijltjes and Simon Akkaya, the Dutch design team behind Waarmakers, designed the Be.e scooter using natural fibre-reinforced composites (NFCs), so riders are literally riding on a mix of hemp, flax and bio-resins.


“The design of the Be.e proves that supporting structures in high-impact transportation vehicles, more commonly made with steel, can be replaced with more sustainable natural fibres without losing strength or performance,” Akkaya told Dezeen about the electric scooter.

“The monocoque structure means there is no internal frame. The smooth outside surface is what gives the scooter its strength.”

Strong and stylish. Just how we like it.