The Base Project

Base Project Cuffs and bracelets

Read how the efforts of twin brothers Chris and Doug Akin are impacting our jewelry collection and the Namibian people.

We’re always excited to see a fashion brand aim to be socially conscious, which is why we couldn’t wait to share The Base Project with you.

Founded by twin brothers Chris and Doug Akin, The Base Project sells hand-carved bracelets made from Namibian artisan entrepreneurs, supplying a one-of-a-kind piece to buyers while supporting the economy and Namibia’s  environment.

bracelets and cuffs hand carved by the Base Project

The Base Project’s first collection features 14 hand-carved bracelets, made from recycled plastic pipe. Bracelets are coloured through a process of sun exposure and red ochre-tinted soil, giving the illusion of bone or horn without causing any animal harm.

The company also returns a portion of its proceeds back into the Namibian community, funding various initiatives particular to each region’s needs.

vegan bracelets

“We believe what we hear has the power to shift culture,” reads The Base Project’s site. “We believe commerce and social responsibility operate hand-in-hand.”

We happen to agree. Our wrists and planet are better off for it.


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