Back To School: Eco-friendly Lunch Kits

lunch kits

Give your child something to look forward to during the school day with a lunch packed in one of these Eco-friendly Lunch Kits.

These items make up a sustainable and stylish lunch pail for your child to sport at school this year.

1. Magenta Food Kozy Wrap. Skip the plastic baggies for your child’s favorite turkey sandwich and opt for this BPA-free and PVC-free reusable wrap. The wrap unfolds to serve as a placemat so kids can keep any table germs off their food ($8 for two wraps).

2. Reusable Snack Bag. This lightweight cotton fabric not only holds a variety of types of snacks, from grapes to cookies, but it’s also dishwasher safe, making for easy cleaning in between uses ($8).

3. Big Apple Buddies Sandwich. A sandwich bag option that would be perfect for younger kids, this bag comes in a variety of colours with different animal characters. Each bag has a Velcro closure that keeps food safe and sound until lunch time ($10).

4. Kid Kanteen. This BPA-free bottle’s cap has been designed to be class-room friendly-no whistling or chirping when your little one takes a drink! Also, being a stainless steel bottle, it doesn’t leak toxins or flavours into your child’s drink like plastic bottles ($18).

5. Lunch Sack. We couldn’t pass off the adorable heart design on this 100 percent certified organic cotton bag. Not only is its design playful, but it’s also machine washable for easy clean-up ($16).