Danny Seo Reserve Global Scent

Danny Seo perfumer

Danny Seo, an environmental lifestyle expert, expands his empire with a new eco-perfume.

When eco-living enthusiast Danny Seo set out to create a perfume, he knew he had to do it differently.

DSReserveGlobal perfume by Danny Seo

“I wanted to do something that celebrated the true artistry of perfume making,” Seo said, “but also advanced it forward to make this a true category game changer.” What resulted was a revolutionary practice that serves as a giant leap for eco-friendly perfumes. Instead of crushing herbs and petals to craft this scent, Danny Seo teamed up with Tru Fragrance and Firmenich to use Nature Print Technology, which replicates the smell of flowers and incorporates it into the scent. This technology was used to capture the fragrance of Roses and Tahitian flowers for the perfume. “Just like us human beings, we all have individualist thumb prints,” Seo explains. “In nature, flowers also have their individualistic nature print.” The Nature Print Technology replicates each plant’s specific print and adds it to scents without damaging the flower itself.

Vetiver Grass

In addition to the scents gathered from the Nature Print Technology, the perfume also includes sustainably grown sandalwood and Haitian Vetiver, an earthy-smelling grass that Seo imports from Haitian farmers. “By employing these farmers and using their ingredient, it’s not a hand out. It’s a hand up,” Seo said.

And that’s a hand up we will proudly wear on our wrists.
You can buy it online here.

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