Eco-Friendly Spa Treatments

relaxing at a spa

Do you hear that? That silence in your home is the sound of your kids being back in school, so take advantage of your extra free time with a visit to your favourite spa. Here are five eco-friendly spa treatments we wouldn’t mind taking in on a calm weekday afternoon.


KaraGreen Smoothing Treatment at The Plum Organic Beauty

San Francisco, CA

While most hair treatments include a good dose of formaldehyde and parabens, this smoothing treatment utilizes L-Cystine amino acids to repair damaged hair while keratin smooths out your hair for weeks on end.


Clear Skin Facial at Maa Lotus-A Boutiqe Spa

Vancouver, BC

Detoxify and invigorate your skin with this facial, which uses tea tree, cucumber, willow bark and exfoliating yogurt to heal skin and tackle any blemishes, leaving you with a radiant glow.

Sweet Lily Spa

Honey Walnut Manicure at Sweet Lily Spa

New York City, NY

The protein from this manicure’s warm milk and almond soak moisturizes your hands while the honey walnut mask exfoliates and rehydrates the skin. Once your skin and nail beds are soft and trimmed, the manicurist applies Zoya nail polish, which is free of formaldehyde, phthalates and toluene.


Purifying Seaweed Wrap Natural Balance Massage and WellnessCenter

Brooklyn, NY

Seaweed isn’t only good for California rolls. It is also known to be fantastic when it comes to detoxification and this seaweed body wrap will do just that. Feel the toxins and tension release from you body as you’re treated with high-nutrient seaweed and algae extracts.

DIY Foot Bath

D-I-Y Foot Bath

If you’re not close enough to visit any of these spas, treat yourself to a little eco-friendly spa treatment at home with this relaxing foot bath. Fill a bowl with warm water and add 10-20 drops of an essential oil, such as peppermint or lavender. Soak your fit for 15 minutes, then scrub any callouses with a pumice stone. Lightly apply coconut oil to hydrate your skin and slip on some socks to allow the oil to soak in.


(Photos from Pinterest and spas)