Nature Inspired Beauty Products


After a personal hiatus to spend time with family, it’s good to be back lovely ones.

Over the past few months we’ve explored so much pertaining to skin health and the beautifying aspects of naturebeauty foods, and DIY recipes that are inherently designed to make you glow and keep you looking young. It’s amazing to realize how much goodness is surrounding us each and every day when it comes to Mother Earth and the whole foods we have available to enjoy.

Walt Whitman may have said it best: “if anything is sacred, the human body is sacred.” This is so true, and brings a level of peace and comfort to me now that I believe it whole-heartedly. When I was younger I didn’t always treat my precious body with such sacred care … oh the stories I could share. But one thing’s for certain and that is the tiny changes we make in our personal worlds can be stepping-stones to the big changes we make in the wider world.

So what’s a tiny change that you can make right now that will keep you looking your very best, help combat those pesky signs of ageing, whilst protecting your health? The answer; safe, natural, non-toxic skin-care products. Let’s be honest, we may not have the opportunity to always eat consciously or have the time to whip up a tropical facial mask each week – but with that said, we women do make it a TOP priority to care for our skin, no matter what. So if we are going to care, let’s care properly. Here are some products I adore and that make life and staying naturally beautiful so simple. The work’s been done for us…





moksa organics Iceland Mint Body Wash

Ever wondered if soap could do more than just act as a skin cleaning accessory in the shower? Heavenly scented, this delicious blend of organic goodness and pure essential oils of Mint and Rosemary marry together in one intoxicating concoction.

Mint and rosemary have been said to:

Promote alertness & mental clarity

Stimulate oxygen and blood flow in the body

Calm menstrual cramps

Provide relief from aching joints and tired muscles

Long gone are the days of chemical laden body washes and soaps – this is a bath/shower time essential that’s the present and the future. Invigorate that sweet body of yours!


Alexis Smart Beauty Formula No 8

Alexis Smart‘s flower essences are truly a transformative healing system encompassing the best nature has to offer. Her lines of flower remedies are made from the flowering part of wild plants, bushes and trees which address emotional & mental aspects of wellness. Beauty Formula No 8 targets the 8 emotional signs of aging, as well as:

Relaxes facial muscles

Cleanses and purifies the skin

Releases magnetic beauty

I have been using Alexis’ flower remedy for over a month now – without a doubt, I have found something incredibly special in her creations.


CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture

Recognized as advanced therapy for dry, sensitive face, neck and scalp. This calming crème is an exquisitely light moisturizer that can be used by anyone who wishes to reap rewards from a clinically proven line of skin-care. Its Tri-Rescue Complex which includes turmeric, bisabolol and reishi mushroom (known as the mushroom of immortality) stands alongside other long sought after, luxe ingredients like ginger & sunflower seed oil. Perfect addition for your winter skin-care regiment.




Alaskan Glacial Mineral Mud

Now, you don’t have to wait for that next trip to the spa to truly pamper your skin. This mineral rich, pure glacial clay mask is packed with certified organic and wild crafted botanical extracts to moisturize whilst providing skin softening, anti-aging and immunoprotection properties. This mud mask is simply perfect for:



Skin cell regeneration.

Feels amazing going on the skin, YOU look even more amazing when it’s off.


Tata Harper Restorative Eye Crème

The area around our eyes is the most delicate skin on our body. It demands special attention and the sweetest of care. Our eyes are also one of the first places to show signs of ageing. This restorative crème contains 26 active ingredients (including amazing botanicals) to rejuvenate the skin, like:

Spanish Lavender – strong anti-aging botanical active, helps reduce appearance of wrinkles

Carrot Seed Oil, Borage Flower – soothes and protects delicate skin around the eye area

Arnica – helps reduce puffiness

+ many more


Tela Beauty Organics Healer Conditioner

It’s not all about skin; hair can’t be left out in the cold either. Its cells deserve the best nature has to offer as well. This USDA certified organic conditioner + protecting agent repairs split ends, guards against heat, and everyday styling. Most of us really put our hair through some serious work; coloring, flat-irons, rollers, pulling in and out of buns & pony tails … the list never ends. The name says it all here, as key ingredients like organic argan oil, pomegranate and tomato protect hair and bring it back to life. It’s like your hair’s own cavalry of soldiers.


Kahina Giving Beauty Fez Body Serum

Complex and exotic doesn’t begin to fully describe this all-over body serum. It embodies an earthy, warm blend to calm the senses and ground the spirit whilst leaving skin velvety smooth. Organic argan oil blends together with:



Ylang ylang (stress reducer)

Neroli (great for circulation)

Rose (mood boosting)

Vetiver + more

Your skin hasn’t had it THIS good – and Fez is a great prep to the chilly winter months ahead, to replenish and restore dry skin.  Plus no one can deny the healing power of touch – it can do wonders for the emotional and physical body. So massage it in and give yourself a little skin love therapy.


Organic Contessa Michelle WitherbyLive well, Be Well and Be Beautiful ~ Organic Contessa xo