Handmade Christmas Decorations

Handmade Christmas Decorations
Here are some fabulous Handmade Christmas Decorations I found on my Etsy travels to inspire your own DIY efforts or you can buy these! At least someone else handmade them :)

1. Himmeli Ornaments by Hruskaa

2. Woodland Ornament, Black Sloth Bear by Leaniemale

3. Antique Gold Garland by Arts Delight

4. Geometric paper hanging ornaments by Hinzhej

5. Fabric Hanging Ornaments by Timo Handmade

6. Ceramic Spindle Ornament by JSB Arts

7. Pheasant Feather Holiday Wreath by Feather Fabulous 4U

8. White and grey Christmas Trees by Here at Small Goods

9. Grey Blue Santa by Inspirational Gecko

10. Santa Wooden Beard by Slippin Southern

11. Cinnamon Christmas Tree Decorations by Beledien Handmade

12. Star Lanterns by Ginew

13. Hand Knitted Christmas Stocking by Ewe and Me Yarns

14. Mountain Range Wrapping Paper by Normans Printery


Last Christmas I promised myself to sew my daughters a Christmas stocking each for this Christmas and I imagined us making tree decorations for their cousins. Ha, now it’s nearly the end of November, I wonder what we will manage to pull off this year!?

Are you making handmade christmas decorations or gifts this Christmas? It’s such a great thing to do with little ones when it’s cold outside…



  1. Shawna,

    Thank you SOOO much for including my spindle ornament!! I love the wide array or ornaments you’ve collected! My son and I always make a few for our tree

  2. Francesca,

    Thanks so much for including my little Santa in this awesome collection of handmade Christmas ornaments!!
    It’s been a great surprise :)
    Happy holidays to all!!

  3. Tara,

    This is Christmas my style. Love it. Thank you for including my hand knit stockings in this wonderful collection.