Eco Shop: Online boutique Raven + Lily seeks to help women


Raven+Lily is an online boutique that not only carries fashionable jewelry, apparel, home goods and other products, but is also helping transform women’s lives worldwide.


The 6-year-old company employs marginalized women in five countries to create products, and in return, offers life-changing benefits and a sense of value within their communities.

handmade gifts by raven + Lily

“Every woman, we believe, is created valuable,” Kirsten Dickerson, co-founder of Raven + Lily, said in her company’s video. She started Raven + Lily alongside designer Sophia Lin in 2008 after 20 years of doing humanitarian work overseas.



“Through this global experience, I have seen firsthand the suffering of women and children, as well as the need to create jobs as a sustainable solution to breaking the cycle of poverty,” she told Fox Business. “Raven + Lily is focused on becoming one of those sustainable solutions.”


The company employs women in countries like Cambodia, Ethiopia, Kenya, India and the United States to create products like jewelry, clothing and paper goods specific to their countries.

In return, Raven + Lily offers these women a reliable income, education, healthcare and the opportunity to end poverty for both themselves and their families.



“These women are helping to change attitude within their communities,” Dickerson said. “[And when] I see this happening, I realize there is no end to the possibilities of empowering women through design.”

Raven + Lily currently carries five collections, each comprised of products that are influenced from the countries by which the collections are named.


For example, in the Ethiopian Collection, customers can find jewelry made with melted bullet casings from former war conflicts, while the Cambodian Collection has eco-friendly clothing created from hand-loomed materials. Prices start at $15.

“You can create items that are on par with the design that’s out there on trend,” Lin said. “But it can also have a beautiful story.”



  1. Marlon,

    great post; lovely image, beautiful jewelry and bravo to Kristen Dickerson and Raven + Lily for the support they give and their sustainable approach. Thank you for sharing Gallant + Jones

    1. gallantandjones, Post author

      Thanks Marlon, they are definitely a business to admire. Especially since they got the design bit right too :)

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