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concret geometric


Ah, Concrete Geometric… We always have a special warm (?) feeling about our Handmade and Hot artists and their work. Concrete Geometric is no exception; here’s to another great story…inspiration strikes and the rest is hand made history in the making. Read Krizia Flores‘ interview to find out what makes Concrete Geometric tick.


concrete geometric


concrete geometric outdoor studio


concrete geometric plant pots


Who are you and where is your workshop? What is your studio like? 


I work for motion pictures by day (editing photos), freelance photographer, and a maker of concrete things. Somewhere in between all of that I’m able to catch some sleep. My workshop is currently in my parents backyard in the outskirts of Sylmar about 30 minutes north of Los Angeles. My workspace is a little dirty because of all the concrete dust, I try to organize it here and there when I have some free time. There’s a lot of concrete everywhere, like all over the place…


Concrete Geometric studio


Concrete Geometric concrete pieces


When and why did you decide to start Concrete Geometric?


I was in my cubicle at work when I decided that I would start making concrete things. I was making geometric shapes out of paper and taping them to my monitor because I had recently found a street artist Paige who goes by the name ‘A Common Name‘. One weekend I just tried pouring concrete into one of the shapes I made. After much trial and error I started to make a few and began posting them on Instagram.




mini concrete succulent planters


What originally inspired you to start working with concrete?


The inspiration came from a few people, A Common Name was a big one, my parents who raised my sisters and I to basically be in love with plants. Geometric shapes are all around us, sacred geometry was a big one for me as well.


concrete geometric vase simple shape


Why do you hand make your products? What do you get out of it?


I hand make each one because they change slightly. Each shape is its own unique vessel. Most of the time I can remember each one when I see people post photos online. I think that’s what I get out of it, I like to remember each one in its own time.


concrete geometric vase


Where can we buy your products and what new things are you working on?


I’m working on some new colours, concrete dyes as well as painting a few. I’d like to start making a few of these in larger scale as well. You can purchase them online at my etsy store, Urban Outfitters in Tallahassee, there ‘s a few other stores I’m updating this spring all over the states and Canada that post on my site concretegeometric.com and on instagram @concretegeometric Also a few shows I’m doing this year I’ll update on the site.


How would you like your collection to grow? And where else would you like to see it sold?


I’d like to see the collection all over the world. I want people to own the pieces and use them creatively.


concrete geometric


What is the best thing about what you do?


Being able to make something with your two hands and see how it inspires people to create their own work. Being able to give back to people who helped me, and charities that are helping people get on their feet. Most of all being creative. Concrete Geometric has kept me sane from the cubicle life I live in for 40 hours of the week.


We think you are and will continue to do brilliant things Krizia. Best of luck!

Gwyn & Tamra

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