ITC Maurya wins ‘Best Eco-friendly Hotel’ award



The ITC Maurya Hotel in Delhi has taken eco-friendly practices to an entirely new level, and we’re not the only ones who are noticing.

The ITC Maurya in India was named the “Best Eco-friendly Hotel” last month during the National Tourism Awards, hosted by India’s Ministry of Tourism.

“The award recognizes ITC Maurya’s outstanding contribution and ongoing commitment to the environment,” India’s Ministry of Tourism said in a press release about the award. But the word “commitment” seems like an understatement. “Endlessly devoted” is more like it.




ITC Maurya, which is named after India’s famous “Mauryan” dynasty in which the country’s culture, architecture and art flourished, is not only the largest LEED certified hotel in the world, but it is the first hotel to have been awarded LEED’s highest platinum rating.


The hotel exercises sustainable water conservation, recycling, energy practices and is consistently reducing its carbon emissions. It’s also the first hotel in the world to use Paraboloid solar concentrators.


Maurya - Swimming pool


Furthermore, the five-star hotel uses more than 50 percent of local or recycled consumables, along with low OVS paints and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood in its renovation efforts.


To top it off, 30 percent of ITC Maurya’s award-winning food and drinks are harvested within 160 kilometres of it’s property.


We bow our heads to this hotel, not only for its outstanding, five-star hospitality rating, but for its top-notch efforts to be environmentally conscious.


And if you head to this hotel anytime soon, take us with you.