Pharrell Williams teams up with Adidas for an eco-friendly fashion line

Pharrell Williams teams up with Adidas OriginalsThere’s some happy news in fashion today.

Grammy winner Pharrell Williams and Adidas have announced that they are teaming up in the latest eco-friendly fashion collaboration to hit the style scene.

Pharrell will be designing a collection of clothes for the popular sports brand using Bionic Yarn fabric, an eco-friendly textile company that Pharrell  became involved with in 2010 as an ambassador and an investor. He has since used the fabric for collaborations with Gap, Moncleir and other fashion houses throughout the years, and now Adidas is getting their chance to feature the versatile textile.

Bionic Yarn is made from recycled plastic, that is combined with filament and synthetic or natural fibres to produce a variety of fabrics.
“For every Bionic yarn configuration, recycled ocean plastic fibres are always used for the sheath,” reads the Bionic Yarn website. “The Manufacturing process minimizes the use of natural resources while recovering plastic from the ocean to reprocess into fibers.”

While the company has existed since 2008, it credits Pharrell’s association, which happened four years ago, with rebranding eco-friendly fabrics as something appealing.

“We want to give sustainability another facet,” Pharrell said in a Bionic Yarn YouTube video. “When someone tells you something is sustainable, you think it’s going to feel like cardboard. The only way to dispel that is to express the cool.”

Expect to see Pharrell’s clothing line under Adidas this summer.