Deck Chair weather!

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Yay for Deck Chair weather! I think that was the warmest weekend we’ve had here in Vancouver so far… We’ve got Spring Fever…

Things are starting to get busy here at Gallant & Jones. Which is always great because it means it’s getting sunny everywhere :)

We said goodbye to 2 faithful fabrics this week, which is always sad… But we added two more on Friday to fill their shoes. Out with the old and in with the new we say!




Negril (Waxed Cotton) $248
This fabric reminds us of the Deck Chairs you would find on the French Riviera. Simple and bold with easy to live with colours. We also love it’s Nautical handle.




Waikiki (Sunbrella Acrylic) $248
Boom! This fabric is the greatest. Bright and fun, but also wise…well, it’s made out of Sunbrella. Woven in France in a 300 year old mill.

We hope you like our new Deck Chairs and that you have a fantastic week :)

Gwyn & Tamra