Block Shop Textiles Employ Ancient Traditions For Their Modern Designs

Block Shop

Block Shop Textiles

Hand-printed fabrics made using ancient Indian traditional skills may sound too good to be true, but for a little over $100, it can be a reality in your wardrobe.
Block Shop Textiles, founded by sisters Lily and Hopie Stockman, work with a co-op of Master Printers in India, where they hand block print fabrics the same way they have been doing it for 350 years: using natural dyes and hand-carved blocks.

Block Shop Textiles

Block Shop Textiles

“All of our textiles are printed one at a time with hand-carved wooden blocks using vegetable, mineral and other non-toxic dyes,” reads the Block Shop website.

Designs are carved by hand onto wooden printing blocks, then natural dyes are created from pomegranate and dried onion skins, turmeric and other materials that blend to create specific colours for the scarves.
After the fabric (a blend of Indian silk and Indian cotton) is cut, washed and hemmed, it is then printed with the dye and blocks using a variety of Indian methods. The end result is a scarf with vibrant colours and on-trend graphic prints. Each scarf retails for $120.

Zipper Styled Block Shop Textiles

Not only do these fashionable scarves perpetuate an ancient and eco-friendly practice, but they also support the Bagru community in India, where dye mixers, master printers, block carvers and others work to create the materials from scratch.

Block Shop
Block Shop invests a portion of proceeds from every scarf sold into a community fund that benefits the families who bring our remarkable textiles to life,” reads the site.

In January 2014, Block Shop sponsored a mobile healthcare clinic in Bagru, where more than 200 individuals were treated by a team of medical professionals.
“More than 60 people have received corrective lenses,” reads the site, “and we sponsored 8 cataract surgeries in March.”
With its beautiful way of creating eco-friendly, stylish scarves, and its commitment to the people behind the fabric, Block Shop is the total package.



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