Handmade and Hot: Jackie Frioud

Jackie Frioud Ceramics

Gwyn is a big time fan of ceramics and came across the work of Jackie Frioud at a Got Craft! show last year. Jackie found time in her schedule to recently answer our questions about how she works.

Jackie Frioud Ceramics

Jackie Frioud and ceramic pieces

Who are you and where is your workshop/store/studio? What is your studio like? 

My name is Jackie Frioud and I am a full-time studio potter, working out of my home studio in Horseshoe Bay.  I have a studio in an upstairs room (lots of running up and down with bags of clay!), a showroom in one of the kid’s old bedrooms and outside, a covered area where my salt kiln lives.


When and why did you decide to start your business?

I fell in love with salt-firing while studying ceramics at Vancouver’s Capilano College in 2001.  They had one of the few salt-kilns available, so I was lucky to  have access to it.  One of the drawbacks of salt-firing is that the kilns have a limited lifespan.  When the college’s kiln was no longer functional, I decided that the time had come to build my own and start working full-time in my home.

tools of the trade

saltfired by Jackie Frioud

saltfired by Jackie Frioud

What inspires you to create the lovely shapes and textures in your ceramics?

What inspires me?  I think that function really inspires me.  How the pot is going to be used.  But also, I love the clean and simple lines of Scandinavian design, and the practical, sturdy design of old crocks, milk bottles, and galvanized metal tubs and buckets.  I look at lots of pots from past and present, too.

sketching ideas on the canvas cloth

Do you hand draw your pieces first? How do you document your ideas?

I always have a notebook on the go and I sketch ideas very quickly – nothing too careful. I also cut out magazine photos and make notes.  Everything goes in there and I often go back to old notebooks when I need inspiration.  I also draw on my canvas table a lot – when I’m trying to figure out how something is going to work.  That, however, gets washed off every night.

Jackie Frioud Ceramics

Jackie Frioud Ceramics

What new products do you have in mind for 2014?

I have a show in June of this year at the Gallery of BC Ceramics, so I’ve spent since the new year focussing on that.  I’ve been working on a new colour palette and I’m really pleased with the new white – greys I’m getting.  As well, I’ve been testing extensively for a good dark blue and I think I’m getting close to what I have in my head.  “Settle” is the name of the show, and to me that implies domesticity, a sense of calm and contemplation, and resolution.

saltfired by Jackie Frioud

saltfired by Jackie Frioud

Jackie Frioud Ceramics

Jackie Frioud Ceramics

How would you like your collection to grow? And where else would you like to see it sold?

I constantly make new designs. I continue to make old ones because I like them, or I want to refine them, and because my customers like them, too.  The Gallery of BC Ceramics is my main retail venue, and I like to do craft markets in the summer and Christmas season.

Jackie Frioud Ceramics

Jackie Frioud Ceramics

What is the best thing about what you do?

I feel really fortunate that I can work for myself, creating things that inspire and challenge me, living in an artistic reverie most of the time, and doing what I love.  Clay is a really physical medium – hard work sometimes, but also requiring delicate manual dexterity and mental focus. It’s a fulfilling combination.

Jackie’s Website
Jackie’s Facebook Page

So happy to find out about your work Jackie, best of luck with the show.
Tamra & Gwyn


  1. Jackie Frioud,

    It’s so great to have my work featured on your blog – thank you!!

  2. Sophie Jarvis,

    Beautiful work. I love her new line. I have been collecting her work for years and it keeps evolving, so I have to keep adding more! Amazing photographs on her website as well. Can’t wait for her next show… wedding season coming up: her teapots make the best gifts!

  3. Effie Baker,

    I am such a fan of Jackie’s work. I am so excited to see her new collection! Can’t wait for June!

  4. Laurel Muir,

    Thankyou for the wonderful interview with the very talented Jackie Frioud. The photos of her work were beautiful. I look forward to seeing the real thing soon.

  5. lois keane,

    What a great profile of Jackie!
    All the best with the June show.

  6. gallantandjones, Post author

    Thank you for all your comments! Hopefully see you at the show :)