New Beach Chairs


We just got our first batch of Handmade Beach Chairs back from our woodworker and they are looking mighty fine!


Tamra and I took ours down to Kitsilano Beach yesterday with the kids and loved using them. As our good friend says “We’re too old to sit on the sand!” These have been in the making for years so we are *stoked* to finally get them sorted and up for sale. Yay!

white oak beach chair

festival chair

They slot together really easily and are light to carry. We are going to take them to some local festivals this year and we’re thinking that they will also be a big hit around the campfire. Actually we’ll probably take them everywhere since they are so easy to keep in the trunk of the car!


folding beach chair, easy to carry

Another great thing happened this week, we have decided to offer free shipping on all our products! We are stoked that this is a possibility and something we have fought really hard to do. We hope that this will help us compete a bit more with those big outdoor furniture companies :)

Have a great rest of week and let us know what you think?

Gwyn & Tamra


    1. gallantandjones, Post author

      Thanks Gina! We’re happy you like them :)