Res Ipsa: Eco-friendly shoes and accessories, we want to wear everywhere

kilim women's shoes

Whether you are relaxing on the patio, making a Saturday run to the farmer’s market or headed into the office, Res Ipsa wants to make sure you’re able to do so in comfortable style with its eco-friendly shoes, attire, bags and more.

mens kilim loafers

The Atlanta, Georgia company carries an ethically-sourced line of ties and – our favourite – colourful loafers made from vintage Turkish rugs, that we would love to wear every day, anywhere and everywhere.

The online shop was originally founded by two Georgia attorneys who need to wear ties everyday, but couldn’t find any that they actually wanted to wear.

“We concluded that just because you work in a conservative environment doesn’t mean you have to dress poorly or surrender your personality,” reads the website.

With fabrics sourced from throughout the world, Res Ipsa was born with a full line of neckwear, from classic ties to polka dot bow ties. But during a trip to Istanbul, the duo was inspired to create a collection of loafers, made from hand-woven, vintage Turkish rugs.


Res Ipsa has also carries wool weekender bags, canvas totes and recently hinted that wool boots are in the works.

“Each of our products is made by hand, exclusively for us, according to our precise specifications,” reads the site. “We will continue to design responsibly-sourced, carefully-manufactured products appropriate for professional environments.”

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