Summer Cocktail by Gallant & Jones

tequila, mint, watermelon, sugar

Summer Cocktail: It’s Monday and to get you through the week we have a yummy drink for you to make at your next party, or heck, why not tonight?!
We got Nick Devine (Tamra’s husband and a pretty big deal when it comes to cocktails) to create a signature Gallant & Jones Summer Cocktail for you to enjoy – introducing the G&J Julep.

The G&J Julep is a a great way to start a party. This delicious Summer Cocktail is so refreshing and yummy and with enough Tequila to get everyone in a party mood! It’s nice and quick to make as each guest arrives. You will become Cocktail Super Heroes – we promise.

Gallant and Jones Julep recipe

Q & A with Nick Devine

What’s your favourite cocktail – creation or classic?

Margarita, but I’m fussy as Hell as to how it’s made, so much so that I pretty much have to make it myself!

Where do you start with creating a new drink?

An idea comes to fruition in my head.

An ingredient or flavour will catch my imagination and I’ll build the drink in my head, I’ll try and be as original as I can and hope it tastes OK when I try it out.

Tell us a little more about why these ingredients are so hot this Summer? 

Fresh watermelon, mint, good tequila and tons of ice…doesn’t get more Summery than that!

What would this pair nicely with? 

A second one, a third, a fourth and a day off the next day!

Nick Devine

Thanks Nick!

We love it because it tastes great, the ingredients are easy to find and it is nice & easy to make.

If you make one, show us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter and hashtag: #gallantandjones #GandJjulep, the best pic or comment will be sent a ‘good’ bottle of Tequila!


Tamra & Gwyn


  1. Michelle Witherby,

    Can’t wait to give this recipe a-go! Looks delicious G&J

    1. gallantandjones, Post author

      It’s seriously delicious Michelle

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