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Helix Design Motors

With 90 percent of commuters today only carrying one person in the vehicle, Helix Motor Vehicles designed an aerodynamic two-seater vehicle aimed at conserving natural resources while providing an ultra-efficient means of getting around.

Helix design motor vehicles

Helix Motor Vehicles readies to unveil the next ultra-efficient vehicle

Now, the Helix Motor Vehicle Company has partnered with one of the world’s leading creative design schools, the Instituto Europeo di Design campuses in Barcelona, Spain and Turin, Italy, and challenged the students to help design the next generation of Helix vehicles.

“They challenged the students to ‘dream big’,” reads a press release from Helix.

Helix design motor vehicles

Vehicle experts – along with a public vote – judged the entries and while the winner has not yet been announced, the final designs ensure that the next Helix vehicle will certainly be one to fit the 21st century.

“Working with the Instituto Europeo di Design team school director Alessandro Manetti, design director Horge Perez and the IED professors has been inspiring,” said Helix Motors vice president Robin Lee. “Their leadership and support has channeled some of the best and brightest thinking into the future of Helix Motor vehicle design.”