Extraordinary app aims to help you – and others – live well



What if I told you that there is a free app that will fill you in on recreational adventures, live music, fun festivals, eco-friendly fashion and organic foods in your area?



And what if I told you that by making purchases for these local events and products, you would help women in Ethiopia become independent?


It’s all true with the Extraordinary app that fills you in on sustainable activities and products while also kicking back a portion of the proceeds made from any related purchases you make to help single mothers in Ethiopia.


Everything featured on the app must meet at least 3 of its 4-point sustainability criteria: healthy, community-minded, planet-friendly or local, making each product listed one that makes a positive difference locally, but also in Ethiopia.




Extraordinary App

All of the listed retailers not only offer fabulous sustainable products, but also push a portion of your purchase to help employ single mothers in Ethiopia to plant a fruit tree on your behalf, thus enabling them to make an income and have access to food.


“This is the best way to tackle poverty in Ethiopia, where being poor means limited access to clean water and food,” reads Extraordinary’s Kickstarter campaign, where it is currently raising money to expand its efforts throughout the United States and Canada.


The app is currently available in Vancouver and will soon be in San Francisco, Seattle and Portland. With funds raised through its Kickstarter campaign, Extraordinary plans to be in more cities in 2015.


Head to Kickstarter to learn how you can join a movement for positive change – on your phone.



Photos: Kickstarter