Fall Farmers Markets

fresh vegetables at the farmers market

What to expect at the Fall Farmers Markets

Do you feel it? That crispness in the air? Fall is settling in throughout parts of the country and with that comes a welcome shift in available produce that you’ll find at your local Fall Farmers Markets. Here are 10 Fall-season fruits, vegetables and herbs that we can’t wait to pick up (and a recipe on how to use some of them!). So grab your G&J Market Tote and get to shopping!

Gwyn's simple Open Pear Tart recipe

Pears are another fruit that reign supreme during the Fall. Pick some up to complement any meal or snack during the day – they are great thrown into cooked oatmeal! Try our super easy Open Pear Tart recipe (pic above): roll out some store bought puff pastry, place on a baking sheet (on parchment paper) add thick pear slices (leaving a 1cm gap of pastry at the edges), evenly scatter some small knobs of butter (a tablespoon in total); juice of half a lemon, a sprinkling of sugar (a tablespoon or two depending on taste – we prefer coconut sugar) and cinnamon or nutmeg. Place in the oven for 30 mins at 400°F (keep an eye on it) and enjoy with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Fall is the time of year when apples are at their best. Pick up a bushel of them for warm apple crisps, pumpkin apple muffins, dried apples and more. These red beauties are definitely a Fall staple.

pear and cranberry crisp by Cookie and Kate

Cranberry isn’t just a hot colour of the season, it’s the taste too. The fruit can be used at breakfast (think muffins), lunch (think salads) or dinner (hello, cranberry sauce). We loved the idea of them (with seasonal pears) in this delicious looking gluten free Pear and Cranberry Crisp recipe.

While most equate fall with hearty produce like zucchini, pumpkins and more, light and delicious grapes are also to be found this season. They typically ripen towards the end of the summer, making right now the best time to pick up a bag.

farmers market basket

A similar produce to lettuce, chicories can add big flavour to meals and worth looking out for at your Fall Farmers Markets. Chicories include Belgian endives, which are great for chopping up and adding to your favourite salad for a tasty kick, or consider separating the leaves and filling them with your favourite dip for a tasty appetizer.

It’s a kitchen staple year around, but garlic actually is most plump and sweet during the Fall, so pick up some cloves and use them in seasoning your dinners. Our favourite thing to do is to roast the whole thing for an hour at 400°F (205° C). You simply chop the top off, wrap it in foil with a bit of oil and salt (we like to add some Rosemary). When it is cool enough to handle you can squeeze the cloves out and enjoy on crackers with cheese, for example.

smashed potatoes by I am a Food Blog

A number of herbs come in season during the Fall, like parsley, thyme and sage, but we are most excited about fragrant rosemary. Our favourite way to use it is in pasta dishes or on meat, or chop up some rosemary and use it in this smashed potato recipe for a lively taste.

Sweet potatoes.
Expect to see sweet potatoes hitting your farmers’ market stands soon, if they haven’t already, and it’s a smart move to pick some up. They are packed with vitamin B6, vitamin C, iron an magnesium, which can help lower stress levels. Steam these as a side dish for dinner or try these yummy sweet potato purees.

braised celery recipe

This vegetable will stay on the farmers’ market through the winter, but it is at its best in the Autumn months. While it makes for a classic snack, consider whipping up this yummy celery risotto or try this delicious looking Braised Celery with Onion, Pancetta, and Tomatoes by Marcella Hazan.

It’s no surprise that pumpkins are in season during these months, as they’re often used as both ingredients in the kitchen and décor on the porch. Have fun picking out your Fall pumpkins this season, and make sure to take those pumpkin seeds, spread them out on a baking sheet, add some salt and roast in the oven until crisp for a tasty snack.

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Pear cranberry crisp photo from Cookie and Kate. Smashed potatoes photo from I Am A Food Blog. Braised Celery photo by James Ransom on Food 52 blog.


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