Herbs for Health

how to get the most from herbs

Herbs for Health: Herbs health benefits have been known by herbalists for centuries, but they have been becoming quite trendy in the last few years as it becomes more mainstream to live an eco-friendly life. If you’re not on the herbal bandwagon yet, here’s how herbs can help your health.

While herbs are known to spice up your meal, they also hold mega-healing properties that can heal burns, promote longevity or even fight that fall cold often better than popping a pill can.

Herbs for Health

Here are three Herbs for Health you should stock up on this Fall, how they can help you and how to use them:

thyme leaves

Hanging onto a cough after being sick? This popular herb is also an “expectorant,” meaning it will help clear out your lungs.
“Toss either a handful of dried thyme or a few drops of thyme essential oil into a bowl of hot water and lean over the bowl, covering both you head and the bowl with a towel,” Organic Gardening magazine recommends. “Inhaling the steam will help loosen mucus in your chest.”


It has a lovely aroma, but lavender is more than just a pretty smell. Lavender is packed with anesthetic properties, meaning that next time you accidentally touch your hair straightener or a hot pan, lavender oil can get rid of that burn quickly. Just liberally apply lavender oil to the burned area to remove the sting and prevent any blistering.

the herb dill

This cold-weather herb can be the ticket to better digestive health as it stimulates gastric juices, bile and acids while also kicking in the intestines to keep things moving.

Dr. Eve Campanelli recommends making a dill weed tea to get the medicinal benefits. Simply pour boiling water over two teaspoons o f dill weed and let it sit for 15 minutes or longer, then strain and sip.

Do you use Herbs for Health?

How have herbs benefited you in your health routine?

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