Last Minute Halloween Costumes

pop art girl how to

Looking for Last Minute Halloween Costumes?! Eek, it’s two days until Halloween and if you are anything like us you’ve left your costume planning to the last minute. Here are some fab and easy costumes that you might already have everything for.

Artist Inspired Halloween Costumes

Roy Lichtenstein

This is my favourite inspiration for Last Minute Halloween Costumes this year. I’m thinking of doing the Roy Lichtenstein or Pop Art Halloween Costume (Pop Art Girl from first pic has a great how to), as all it requires really is simple clothes, make up and maybe a written talk bubble. Here’s a brilliant How to video.
The Son of Man Artist Halloween Costumes

Son of Man by René Magritte. Thought this was a fab Last Minute Halloween Costume and easy idea for artistic guys or business men.

Banksy Halloween costume

Love this one Banksy’s “Flower Thrower” Halloween Costume. Another great one for guys, I’m sure most men have these things in their closet. Lots more mens Last Minute Halloween Costumes via The Huffington Post.

artists Halloween Costumes

Fountain, Marcel Duchamp. This is way out of my league, and it must have been time consuming – but had to share as it is so imaginative and different :)

Last Minute Ladies Halloween Costumes

Frida Kahlo Halloween Costume

The Frida Kahlo look is a great go-to for Last Minute Halloween Costumes, you just need long hair, big earrings a fancy dress (you know that one you never wear but keep just in case) and some fake or real flowers for your hair.

easy last minute ladies costume Halloweeen

You probably have everything for this one. This and other great Handmade Halloween costumes in this link.

Cute Couples Costumes

cute couples costumes for halloween

DIY Moonrise Kingdom Halloween costume

Mr and Mrs Fox Halloween costumes

Mr. & Mrs. Fantastic Fox.

We thought you could have some of this stuff in your closet, or a quick visit to the thrift shop might do it.

Last Minute Costumes for Kids

Thought these were quite easily achievable with what’s probably in your young kids closet.

troll costumes for kids

Great Troll costumes from here.

baby halloween ideas

These are from here, here and here.

Skeleton T-shirt easy halloween costume

I think we’ll probably end up doing this, because everybody can grab a black or white T-shirt, and Martha Stewart has made our life easy with a great how-to.

And if you are really Stuck here are 12 Halloween Costumes You Already Have in Your Closet via Babble.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas

pumpkin carvings for little girls

pumpkin carving

Or maybe you are organised and you are working on your pumpkin carving for the next few evenings. Here are some good ideas and lots more here on SoutherLiving

Have fun out there!
Happy Halloween….