Easy Christmas Decoration DIY’s

christmas decoration DIY

I’m always on the lookout for Easy Christmas Decoration DIY’s. It’s so nice to have handmade things to decorate your house or to give as token gifts at parties or when friends visit.


It’s always nice to get something handmade, don’t you think?

Easy Christmas Decoration DIY’s

easy handmade christmas decorations

Pinecone Decorations

These are the easiest, and cheapest of all our Easy Christmas Decoration DIY’s.

What you’ll need: small pompoms or felt balls, pinecones and a glue gun.

How To: Use your glue gun to attach the felt balls or pompoms to the pinecones scales. Soooo easy.

cinamon star

Cinnamon Stars

What you’ll need: Glue gun, cinnamon sticks, string or ribbon.

How To: This is the best tutorial ever, I can’t explain it better (and a super cute crafty site to look through).

personalised christmas decorations

Personalized Baubles

I love this idea because you can glue or stick anything you like. Whilst making these, I thought it would be cute to next time glue photographs, scrap fabrics or artwork.

What you’ll need: Craft papers/newspaper/photographs/fabric, glue + store bought wooden baubles or you could make your own card version, here’s a great template found here. Add some festive string and boom!

How to: Glue your chosen artwork on with Mod Podge (don’t use too little or too much).

So that’s it, we hope this post of Easy Christmas Decoration DIY’s is useful for you.

What’s your go-to Handmade Christmas Decoration?

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