Taarik, Empowering Girls With Education

Taarek scarf


We love these stunning hand made scarves by Taarik. And what a fabulous and thoughtful Christmas gift they would make! Not only are they things of beauty; a story of giving and empowerment is richly woven into each scarf’s fibre.


Taarek scarf



Taarek scarf



To give back to the environment and plant a tree with each Deck Chair sale, was genuinely brought about by the need to give back to the earth. When we found Love Trees and a way to get children involved with the process of planting and learning, we were ecstatic. That’s why we love this brand; Taarik, so much.

Each Taarik scarf sold pays for a years school tuition, a school uniform and school supplies for young girls in India or Ethiopia.

After all…

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

— Nelson Mandela



Girl Effect from Betty Teshome on Vimeo.



Taarek scarfTaarek scarf



Taarik, which means “story” or “history” in the Amharic language not only make each of their beautiful scarves fair trade by a process they call ‘slow fashion’ but manage to give back to each community with an awe inspiring gift of learning. Empowering is their mission and fashion is their medium.

“I started Taarik because I believe in the power of ethical consumerism. If consumers choose to think about the story behind their products and the lives affected making it, we can solve many of the world’s most pressing problems such as poverty.” 

— Betty Teshome




Each Taarik scarf is designed to accentuate century old artisanal skills and methods, they are not mass produced and each is created using natural fibres and dyes so that there is a minimal impact on the environment.




My favourite is this one above, woven by the Dorze tribe near Arba Minch in southern Ethiopia, whom were once feared warriors, yet always admired for their weaving.

This collection was launched in the Fall, so get in there quick and impress your caring and fashionable friends.


Now that’s our kind of product and business model.

Good luck Betty!


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