Christmas Gifts That Give Back

Christmas Gifts That Give Back


Every year we try and give Christmas Gifts That Give Back, like those through Plan Canada. We believe that every purchase should be one of ethical consideration, especially at Christmas time when there is so much waste and panic buying. We thought that it would be a great idea to list our favourite Gifts that Give Back Guidethings that give more than just the original awesome present.


blanket by Sackcloth and Ashes


Sackcloth and Ashes


Sackcloth and Ashes: We had always wanted to do this, with each sale of a blanket, Sackloth and Ashes give a blanket to your local homeless shelter. Make sure you read how this rad company came about, very touching.



Gifts that give back: Giving Keys


The Giving Keys


The Giving Keys – love this, they employ those that wish to transition out of homelessness by employing them to repurpose keys into jewellery, each key carries a message like HOPE, STRENGTH, DREAM or COURAGE. These keys are bought to be given forward to someone needing these messages in their lives and the story and reason of giving can be added to the website.



Cookies for kids cancer


Cookies for Kids’ Cancer


Buy Cookies for everybody on your list! The proceeds go to Kids with Cancer. Cookies for Kids’ Cancer provides annual research grants to five of the nation’s leading paediatric cancer centres to advance the development of less toxic, more effective treatments for children battling cancer.



Mens gift guide


Krochet Kids


Krochet Kids have been giving back for years to communities that could not fend well for themselves by producing gorgeous handmade clothing and accessories.

Read more here: Krochet Kids



Christmas Gifts that give back


Connected Goods is dedicated to offering hundreds of beautiful, creative fair trade items. Fairtrade is the practice of paying fair prices to creators in developing countries.

Read more here: Connected Goods







Taarik offer a beautiful selection of Fair Trade Scarfs, each sale provides a year of schooling, a uniform and school supplies to a young girl in India or Ethiopia where the scarves are made.

Read more here: Taarik



Need more ideas?

List of Christmas Gifts That Give Back


Gifts that give back



Accompany Us Great one stop shop for Fair Trade Clothing and accessories.

Try Block Shop for stunning block printed scarves. A percentage of profit goes back into the Indian community who make the scarves using traditional skills through natural eco-responsible means.

The Base Project Fair Trade accessories, proceeds supporting the work of the original artisans in Namibia.

Raven & Lilly Lovely Fair Trade Women’s clothing and Accessories

Beautiful products by Res Ipsa are ethically sourced or made out of re-purposed textiles.

and some more great ideas…

List of 5 companies for Christmas Gifts that Give Back to animal lovers.

10 Trees. 10 trees are planted for every purchase from this apparel collection!

Buy a cool bag and educate a child via ESPEROS.



Bracelets for change, each bracelet purchased offers a Guatemalan woman to split the cost of providing clean water, healthy food, and a safe home for her and her family.

And last but by no means least, check your local Etsy sellers for handmade crafts and products that will not only make you feel good by supporting your local talented crafts people but benefit your community by keeping money and jobs in your area.



Do you have a fovourite ethical shop we haven’t yet heard of? Please let us know in the comments below, we’d love to learn and share…

Gwyn & Tamra

(all images are from the businesses websites)