How to keep your home warm!



We’ve been really busy working on our new Spring collection and planning all our new products. We will have lots to share soon, but maybe you are cold too and this will be helpful?

Need help keeping that house warm that doesn’t equate to a high electric bill? It can be done! Here are four easy, eco-friendly (and totally inexpensive) ways to stay toasty the rest of this Winter.


Shut the door to unused rooms.
The easiest, most cost-effective way to keep your home warm without touching the thermostat is to shut the doors to rooms not being actively used. As a result, hot air coming from the heater will go in the rooms you actually need to be warm, not that guest room just sitting idly.


Use thick curtains.
Curtains don’t only serve a decorative purpose – they can also keep your home warm during colder months. The trick is purchasing curtains made from a thicker fabric or those with a thermal lining. Doing so will help keep rooms from losing heat through the windows, and will help keep cold air seeping through the windows get very far into the room.

If you have a radiator, install a shelf above it to direct heat elsewhere.
For those with higher ceilings, consider placing a shelf above your radiator to channel the warm air to other parts of the room (rather than letting the air remain stagnant near the radiator).

Shower with the bathroom door open.
Talk about being effective! Put that humid air from your hot shower to work by leaving the bathroom door open while you take care of business. The air will drift into other rooms of the home and help raise the temperature – and the humidity. Hey, we’ll take anything to help combat Winter’s dryness!

Photo: Luxacto