The Farmer’s Market in March

farmer's market in March


March is around the corner, and with it comes two things: a promise that spring is edging closer – and a slew of delicious fruits and vegetables are coming into season. As you gear up to head to the farmer’s market in March, here are five produce items you will most likely find waiting for you (depending on your region), and some suggested ways to use them.



What you can find at the farmer’s market in March


Farmer's Market in March


If you’ve never had a rhubarb pie, this is your year. This tart-tasting vegetable is hitting your produce shelves, and is ready to start being front and center in your dessert line up.  We suggest whipping up this rhubarb pie in celebration. It is really good for you too!



Dandelion greens
Stretch that adventurous side and pick up this somewhat-unique produce item this March. Often used for medicinal purposes, dandelion greens are packed with iron and can be tasty – when used the right way. Try making dandelion green tea, or stretching your palette with this dandelion pumpkin seed pesto recipe.



Oranges typically thrive in the winter, so take advantage, as March is still a good time to pick up this popular citrus. Eat the slices on their own, toss them in a salad or go big with this fresh orange and yogurt tart.



farmer's market in March


Filled with antioxidants, fiber and more, artichokes are definitely something to add to your kitchen in March. If they seem intimidating, not to worry; this “no fuss” baked artichoke recipe is an easy one to convert you to the tastiness of artichokes.



It packs a punch, but if you’re a horseradish fan, March is great time to pick some up. Try making your own horseradish sauce with this recipe – instead of grabbing the bottle in the sauce aisle.



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